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5 Things I’ve Done to STOP Body Shaming Myself & My 3 Reasons WHY

If you are not a huge fan of:  Authenticity/realness, swearing, or you don't like someone putting it all out there - DO NOT READ THIS.   Seriously.  "Viewer Discretion" is advised.     What Is Body Shaming: The action or practice of humiliating someone...

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True or False? What’s your answer?

 "Feeling positive all the time is the ONLY way to happiness"    Our Answer: wait...False...  After you read the article, share a comment below with your answer.  We dare ya!  We all try....oh Lord do we remain positive, mindful, happy, upbeat....

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Meditation Medicine – Guest Blog

  Meditation?  Oh hell no!  That sounded like my worst nightmare.  Coming from a background of anxiety and that obnoxiously judgmental voice inside of my head, meditation always sounded like my own personal hell.  As an extrovert blessed with an active,...

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10 Things We Would Tell Our Younger “Parent” Selves

Background:  Our FamJam -> Shell and Ken have been together for 10 years.  They have 4 kids.   (And, they aren't "biological" to us as a couple.  But they are all OUR children)  Shell brought 3 munchkins into the relationship, the twins (girl/boy) were 10 and the...

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Living with Anxiety and Bipolar 2…How Yoga Saved Me.

Kristen Elyse is a certified life coach and yoga teacher in NYC. She has dealt with anxiety since she was a kid and more recently diagnosed as Bipolar 2. She hopes that in sharing her story she can inspire others to take care of themselves. To get free guided...

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The ULTIMATE teacher for your Self Discovery Journey

The journey to self discovery, awakening, striving to become healthier within the body, mind & soul is not an easy road.  And it's so damn confusing sometimes.   So who is the ULTIMATE teacher for your self discovery journey?  Read on, we'll get to that.  ...

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Nutritionista Abroad (includes quick and easy recipes!) – Guest Blog

h YES YOU CAN!!!!   Tips to eating healthy and WHY we all need to smarten up!  In our area (In Southwestern Ontario, we have some the highest rates of obesity in Canada, Huron County ranking #1 in SWO - see article from LFP here) we need to be mindful of what we are...

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