REFLEXOLOGY is based on the premise that there are zones and reflexes in different parts of the body which correspond to and are relative to all parts, glands and organs.  It enhances circulation, assists the body to normalize metabolisms naturally, relaxes and assists with the removal of stress.


REIKI is universal energy.  It is a light touch, non invasive, holistic approach to relieve symptoms due to mental, emotional and physical stress.  It enhances your well being and peace of mind.  It’s like a massage for the soul!


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**Zen Again is a registered business with the CRA and receipts with HST number will be given. Most benefit plans will reimburse for Reiki/Reflexology under Naturopathy/Alternative section of your benefits plan. It is up to each client to enquire about benefits and will have to contact their Benefits provider. **

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Neither Reiki or Reflexology are a substitute for medical treatment

Zen Again does not diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medications, treat for specific conditions (except in emergencies), work in opposition to medical or other fields OR encourage clients to cease taking medication